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Ogor Kingdom Known As Intervener and Problem Solver

26 Sep 2014

It is noteworthy that until the explosion of royal institutions began in the 1950s, from instigation from various Nigerian governments, only a handful of Urhobo’s sub-cultures exercised their inherent rights to have kings. Ogor and Ughelli had stable regimes of kingship for a good portion

After, a short while the ancestors of Ughelli, Ogor and Agbarha-Otor (3 brothers) in Ughelli North local government area followed the trail of IYEDE ancestors and settled in their present sites.

Speaking on the Urhobo, Otite (2003) however believes that at the end of the Ogiso (rulers) dynasty, many Urhobo and other Edo groups left Udo in different directions. Ikimi (1984) attests to the Benin origin of some Urhobo settlements such as Ughelli, Ogor, Agbon, Agbarho, Agbarha, Abraka, Oghara, Okpe, Olomu,Uvwie, Effuruntor and Uwhenru. 

 Amongst them are the Adjerese of Ogor kingdom (meaning intervener and problem solver). Ogoni resisted the warriors with the help of his inlaws from Ogor and Ughelli.

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Ogor Kingdom Problem Solver

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