Oghwoghwa Descendants In America Inc (ODIA).

The hub of Urhobos, where community, ancestries and traditions start 

emmanuel idogho
Peters Etametite, General Secretary

Our Mission

Oghwoghwa Descendants In America [ODIA] a Not-For Profit association is established to institute, forester and promote the spirit of love.

Oghwoghwa Descendants In America [ODIA] established mutual understanding and brotherhood among Members and the Urhobo people; good neighborliness with every mankind.

To preserve and promote Urhobo culture and traditions.

To encourage economic development of our immediate communities and her people.

To promote mutual understanding and co- operation between  Oghwoghwa Descendants on the one hand and Immediate neighbors such as Isoko, Ukwani, Olomu, Ewu, Abraka, Ijaws to name but few and our extended brothers to include other Urhobos, Benins, Ibos and Itsekiris.

To project Urhobo personality at all times and anywhere.

To encourage the growth of education at all levels among ODIA children here and at home

Contact Info

Oghwoghwa Descendants In America Inc
23 Benjoe Drive, Amityvile,NY 11701

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